The atelier is Suarez's creative space where the firm's designs materialize, from the most delicate jewelery to exclusive high jewelery creations. The true heart of the house where the pieces that make our clients dream since 1943 are brought to life.

From the concept to the first sketches, learn about the delicate process that our team of experts follows to bring Suarez jewelry to life.


Craftsmanship, the hallmark of Suarez, permeates all our collections, from the iconic ones to Sur Mesure jewelry.

Our high standards of demand when choosing the best raw material They ensure the highest quality of each of our jewelry.

Our savoir faire for 80 years has been maintained in the Suárez family together with our team and in the hands of our artisans. The place where magic happens. A space in which our expert jewelers create in a way craft the symbols that will accompany each story.