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Love knows no race, gender or age, Suarez presents Engagement Colorful, the universal commitment.

Because the symbol of commitment is the kiss and that kiss is sealed forever with a jewel, Suarez opens the concept of commitment like no other brand, from the luxury of diversity. Offering a Colorful collection that runs through all the colors, sizes and shapes that express love.


That alliance can be with you, with someone of another age, race or thought, beyond gender or borders, Suarez's Colorful Commitment collection opens up a melting pot of ways to unite "forever" from its raw material, gems perfect.

A purpose that symbolizes intertwining hands full of diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires, diverse and perfect gems that seal that eternal alliance.

Because commitment is a forever that only understands love , eternal, universal, colorful.


The Suarez family has been working since 1943 with the aim of creating the perfect ring for each story. When an engagement jewel is created, we are accomplices in a unique moment, which is why, for almost 80 years, the three generations of jewelers in the family have worked with passion to perfect and evolve each of our icons.

Icons that can be found both in the Grace and Big Three collections, as well as in Compromiso, where the diamond and colored stones are the protagonists, and that constantly evolve to adapt to the trends and lifestyle of a modern woman.

Solitaires, rings and alliances that maintain the high quality standards always required by the firm, and satisfy the tastes and needs of all.


The Suárez family, GIA-graduated gemologists, select and purchase personally the diamonds in Antwerp, Bombay, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and New York.

Every diamond that enters Suarez is examined in three phases that guarantee the natural origin of the stones.

This rigorous selection of stones according to the requirements of cut, size, weight, color and purity are the criteria with which Suarez defines the quality standard of his creations. All the stones are examined one by one by the family itself.

In the process of purchasing raw materials, 99% of the stones is discarded.

Suarez is committed to natural diamonds and sustainable jewelry; all its diamonds meet the conditions of the Kimberley Treaty, a certification system for international diamond trade that guarantees that they do not come from countries in conflict.

All our diamonds have color from D to I and purity between IF and SI1.

Suarez diamonds from 0.20 carats are accompanied by a certificate issued by the IGI, and from 0.30 by the GIA, which collects their characteristics and quality. In the raw material purchase process, 99.5% of the stones are discarded.


Big Three is a collection made up of white gold pieces with sapphires, emeralds and rubies with the best cuts and purities creating unique and timeless pieces. An iconic collection of special jewelry created for every type of woman.

Each stone is unique, emeralds are about 20 times rarer than diamonds, and more delicate than a sapphire or ruby. Traditionally, 80% of the natural emeralds bought in Suarez came from Colombia and 20% from Brazil. Recently, emeralds have been found in mines in Zambia that meet the quality requirements demanded by the family.

On the other hand, the best rubies come from Burma, with a pure and intense red color and very bright. Sapphires come from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and can have different shades of color.


The essence of a jewel is the raw material, which is why in Suarez since almost 80 years ago the family traveled to the place of origin to choose the best.

The stones of color are specially selected and purchased by the Suárez family.

This selection is made directly in the countries of origin of the stones and it is the Suárez family who travels twice per year.

Of all the colored stones that they value, they reject more than 99.5% for not gathering all Suarez quality requirements.


The entire manufacturing process is carried out by hand in the Suarez workshops, thus giving life to each one of the incomparable, personal and intimate pieces that make up our collection of commitmentFinish.

The art of setting, that is, the process by which the gem is attached to the setting of the jewel is one of the noblest tasks of our jewelers: optimally highlight the qualities of the stone and that it remains intact in an unalterable way over time.